Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Research: slow and steady!

A few things are happening:
  1. OH my goodness, do I love the Bubble & Bee site. If you have questions about any variety of chemicals, look here: http://chemicaloftheday.squarespace.com/. The founder of Bubble & Bee created the company based on her own frustrations about chemical-laden products. I trust her research thus far and think it's a great resource. I'm using this as a companion to the Skin Deep database, which is a good starting point for learning more about what you're using but should be used as a guide, not a bible. Checking a variety of sources is always the best route, of course.  
  2. I discovered dry brushing. BEST THING EVER. Pick up a pair of shower gloves from any drug store for $3 and dry brush all over before you get in the shower by moving your hands in circular motions. According to Kris Carr, dry brushing is her secret weapon against toxins, dry skin and cellulite and I'm inclined to agree. Not only does it make my skin feel alive, but it's never felt softer (and this is before moisturizing!) It takes 1 minute tops - give it a try. 
  3. I'm discovering how hard it is to find natural makeup, and also that it's really time consuming to figure out which ingredients are bad, which are fine, and which are okay in very small doses. I've finally decided that I might try 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara, but eyeliner is harder, as most that I've found include iron oxide and mica. According to the Bubble & Bee post about this, mica is a synthetic ingredient which some attribute as troublesome for people with sensitive skin. Further still, she says that "Micas, iron oxides, and clays can be problematic when in loose powder form because they can be inhaled in to irritate lungs (or with chronic exposure in higher amounts, lead to talcosis, scar lung tissue, or even cause lung cancer)." I'm not here to state that mica will cause lung cancer, but I would ideally like to use benign ingredients where such a statement doesn't need to be made! Being that I'm having trouble finding eyeliners without mica, I might have to settle for the best I can find. Here is one option, and here is another. I no longer wear foundation or powder, but for those of you who do: it seems liquid foundation or pressed powder is much better than loose powder, health wise.
When I was getting my hair cut this evening, I talked to the hair dresser about my baking soda / vinegar adventures. She said she's been wanting to try it and that one of the salon brands sells a vinegar rinse with added essential oils and lemon juices. Yay natural methods! With this cut, my hair has finally returned to its natural color, 100%! I feel refreshed.

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